Looking for stories on Enlargement and the EU's future members?

Taking a sauna on a bus? It is possible in Estonia. In Poland, a popular TV soap opera features a farmer who’s wife falls in love with a German buying land next door. Malta is set to become Europe’s “Mollywood"….These are just of few titles of storylines developed in the EU Enlargement press pack.

The Eurobarometer opinion polls show that there remains a large gap in awareness between people in the current and future EU member states. They also highlight the predominance of television in forming public opinion about news and current events. The aim of this press pack is to make available to television broadcasters a set of possible story lines that illustrate enlargement-related issues, with a focus on real people in the future member states.

As part of its effort to explain the enlargement of the EU, the European Commission's Directorate General for Enlargement asked Mostra communication to identify interesting story angles focussing on the human aspects of enlargement. The resulting storylines address the concrete experiences that people in the candidate countries are going through when dealing with the EU ahead of the Copenhagen European Council. Concrete examples show the real impact of EU enlargement negotiations on people's lives and livelihood, and open a window on the general context in the candidate countries.

This press pack is a living collection of ideas that will be constantly updated with new stories in the run-up to the Copenhagen summit. Given the timetable, the fist stories deal mostly with the ten counties likely to join the EU on 1st May 2004. New stories on Cyprus will be added before Copenhagen, and thereafter, the other candidate countries. Every story is described in a separate story sheet, organised on a country basis and containing the contact details of people who could be interviewed on the subject. Stories for which new TV footage is available from Mostra are clearly indicated.

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