POSITIVE IMAGE is Write On Target's presenting services division headed by Helena Snow.


Helena Snow is Belgium's No. 1 presenter and voice-over for American/English.

Her clear delivery and warm style have made her one of the top presenters for corporate seminars, trade fairs and training programs throughout Europe and the U.S.

An accomplished actress, Helena has starred in motion pictures as well as on the stage, from French cinema's “ Y'a pas de lézard ' to New York's off-Broadway hit “ The 10 Percent Review ”. Her charismatic voice can be heard throughout the world in countless documentaries, TV and radio commercials, CD-ROMs and other media.




Businesses and organizations in every sector now invest considerable resources in international conferences, seminars, trade shows, and other live events .

As on the Web, English is often the default language for these events, which attract international audiences. Our presenters are experienced in addressing such audiences, paying special attention to

  • pronunciation
  • vocabulary
  • timing

to ensure that the message is dynamic yet comprehensible to foreign listeners.

Whether you need a master or mistress of ceremonies, a debate or meeting moderator, or an experienced speaker or presenter in any capacity, POSITIVE IMAGE can help make your event a success for all participants.


Presenting Support Services

Of course, we also offer support services, such as:

•  reviewing and perfecting the English of all printed materials to       be released at the event,

•  attending seminars and preparing brief written summaries

     of the topics covered (and in some cases, immediately

     presenting those summaries on-camera),

•  adapting foreign-language materials into a clear, concise,

     understandable English for foreign readers,

•  preparing PR materials in advance of the event or follow-up

    communications after,

•  preparing press releases, etc.



POSITIVE IMAGE can also supply the voice talent that will bring your project to life for:

  • commercials, industrial or corporate films,
  • interactive CD-Roms or DVDs
  • Web sites
  • Documentaries

Different projects call for different styles – the voice of authority – or seduction… Regional accents may be important (a Belgian Walloon speaker as opposed to a French one), or you may be looking for that neutral “mid-Atlantic” English delivery, acceptable to audiences on both sides of the ocean.

Whatever your needs, we can supply the appropriate voice talent. We also offer casting services for multilingual projects (all languages) as well as production project management.



On-camera presenting is another specialty of POSITIVE IMAGE. Our presenters have many years of television and film experience, developing an easy presentational style that exudes both warmth and professionalism. Whether your project calls for creative acting skills or a more traditional narrative style, POSITIVE IMAGE is the address you need.


Looking for the acting talent that will make your corporate, commercial or industrial film a success?  Look no further than POSITIVE IMAGE. We can supply the professional acting talent you need, or arrange casting sessions according to your specifications.


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