Hey, what's the big idea?

When it comes to marketing and communications, three things matter most: content, content and content.

Great ideas require more than creative inspiration. To deliver results, a campaign must be based on rigorous analysis of market parameters. That's why top corporations and agencies come to Write On Target to help design and develop content for their international campaigns , events and Web-based projects .


What's what about WOT?


We offer a unique transnational perspective. With over 20 years experience on both sides of the Atlantic, we understand the strengths and differences of the American and European business cultures. This is what every multinational requires - and few other agencies can provide.


Does size matter?

We may be lean, but our client list includes some of the biggest names in Europe, including Alcatel, British Telecom, Cap Gemini, ExxonMobil, France Telecom, ING, McDonalds Europe, Renault, Toyota Motor Europe. Our institutional clientele includes the European Commission and various Member States and Regions.

 Our size allows us to offer unbeatable rates . Our network of partners allows us to offer global service. Best of all, we remain free to bring in the best people for the specific needs of each job. That makes us flexible, fast and cost-effective.


What more could you ask for?


    Well, maybe our contact information .




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Brand Promotion


Presenting: Positive Image

Films/Audiovisual Production

Text Services: Copywriting/Editing/ Translation

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