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Write On Target can research your sector of activity and provide texts tailored to your target audiences. Whether you are seeking to reach business partners, privileged clients or the general public at large, we can develop highly targeted communications that maximize results, for all media. We have extensive experience in the financial, retail, ICT and industrial sectors. Write On Target is also a leading supplier of content for international "one-to-one" and direct marketing campaigns.

Are you hosting a conference or seminar? Need someone knowledgeable to attend and draft proceedings, press releases, or generate articles for publication in the mainstream or trade press? Write On Target's writers have the expertise to get the job done, both quickly and professionally.

Example: When a 2002 Eurobarometer opinion poll showed that people in the EU were suffering from an almost total lack of information about the ten "candidate" countries about to join the Union, the European Commission hired Write On Target to develop contact information and story leads for members of the European media in order to generate a greater number of articles in the press about the future EU member states.   See below


Editing and Text Adaptation

We can turn dry prose into a punchy commercial pitch (our writers have worked with many of the major advertising agencies). For your press releases, film scripts, Web sites, business correspondence and other documents, get the impact of professional copywriting at a fraction of the cost.

We can also help you eliminate things like "Dinglish" and "Franglais," just two of the unofficial languages of Europe.If you are unsure of a text written or translated into English, we can review and correct it.



Translation Services - all major languages

A successful translation shouldn't read like a translation at all. It should read like it was written in that language originally! Our translators are professional writers. They are communication specialists, who know the idiom and the markets for which they are translating. This can make all the difference between a "correct translation" (dictionary perfect but unreadable) and a text that speaks to the people who read it.



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