Concept & Content

All successful communication begins with two things: con­cept and content.

At Write On Target, we specialize in developing concepts that highlight the strengths of your business proposition. We can perform an in-depth study of your sector of activity, to determine the latest market trends, the opportunities or threats. This allows us to create finely tuned concepts that highlight your company's message and ensure maximum impact.


Project Management

For large-scale international communication campaigns, we'll put together a team of top specialists to ensure optimal impact. Our knowledge of every stage of the development, production and delivery processes allows us to keep close tabs on your communication projects, keeping quality high and costs low throughout the campaign.

Unlike the major agencies, which carry enormous overhead, our structure is lean. We rely instead on privileged partnerships, allowing us to bring on board the best people for each job. With Write On Target you'll get powerful international coverage, but you won't pay exorbitant margins to cover the costs of a global infrastructure.


Internal Communication / Change Management

Strong internal communication is essential, especially when a company transforms its structure, its systems, its processes. Giving your people a clear picture of the strategic vision, and a firm understanding of what they must do to succeed, helps to promote retention, productivity and a spirit of community and motivation. Write On Target will help your company remain agile and reactive in today's rapidly changing business environment.


Press Relations/Crisis Management

Your corporate image is your most important asset. When disaster strikes, Write On Target moves quickly to coordinate communication, ensuring that your response is disseminated in the most effective and timely manner. Our close ties with members of the international press provide you with the access you require. We help you develop a strategic response, handle press relations (contacting key journalists, arranging interviews, sending out press releases), and provide media training for your top executives. We can also produce audio-visual supports and handle follow-up.


Media Training

Broadcast and print media can be extremely powerful communication tools. They can also represent a dangerous trap if you are unprepared for the techniques of modern journalism.

Write On Target can put together a media-training program designed to meet your company's specific needs and level of media exposure. Our expertise in business journalism allows us to hone in on the areas that are most sensitive in your specific sector of activity.

We teach your people the skills they need to:

•  field questions efficiently and effectively
•  take control of an interview, and turn even the most aggressive attack into an opportunity to deliver your message
•  handle on-camera presentations with confidence and style
•  address large audiences, using techniques that guarantee maximum impact and retention
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Event Concept and Content

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