A brand is a symbol, an association or a name, that serves to identify and differentiate competing products or services.

But in today's international markets, a brand is more than a trademark or logo.  A successful branding campaign must not only build awareness  of symbols or slogans; it must "connect" the company to its clients by communicating a set of values and expectations that speak to the company's business culture. The brands of today thus communicate a kind of implied "contract" to deliver to consumers what they have been promised.

A complete branding campaign is thus far more than simple marketing.  It affects every aspect of  a company's business, and involves every member of the staff, from the CEO on down.

Write On Target assists corporate and institutional clients to:

  • identify core values
  • create appropriate brand images and messages
  • build brand awareness
  • manage and/or extend brand exposure
  • design strategies for full  organisational involvement (helping staff

          to become brand managers by "living" the brand in their actions)


Project Management


Presenting: Positive Image

Films/Audiovisual Production

Text Services: Copywriting/Editing/Translation

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